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Human Rights and Tax in an Unequal World
September 23, 2016
NYU Law’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice

Private Actors and the Public Purse: The Roles of Corporations, Lawyers, and Accountants in Tax Abuse

Krishen Mehta, retired PricewaterhouseCoopers partner

Dan Shaviro, NYU School of Law
Joe Bankman, Stanford Law School
Radhika Sarin, Oxfam GB
Celine Braumann, NYU Law LLM ’16

Consumers and regulators are increasingly scrutinizing the practices of corporations that hide assets to avoid or minimize taxes paid on the benefits they reap from operating in various jurisdictions, and the responsibilities of the law firms (like Mossack Fonseca of Panama Papers fame) and accountants that facilitate such practices. Recent high-profile tax scandals have underscored the reputational risks of tax abuses and have made tax planning an issue of corporate social responsibility and business ethics. Some of the questions panelists explored included: How realistic is it to expect serious reform of tax practices to come from private actors? Are efforts to encourage ‘good corporate tax behavior’ delaying compulsory measures by suggesting there is voluntary progress? How do human rights principles and policies bear on the ethical obligations of accountants and lawyers who work in the area of taxation? In what ways, if any, should considerations of human rights law affect the ethics of accountants and lawyers in this field?


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