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This learn QuickBooks Online for attorneys training tutorial will show you how to input the chart of accounts for a law firm. Most of the general accounts any company may need are already on the list of accounts. The specific accounts that an attorney in a law firm would need are shown in this QuickBooks online video lesson. Law firms need an account in the chart of accounts to represent the amount of money owed to clients who paid retainer payments in advance. Money is owed in the form of future legal services until those services are performed, the amount owed is unearned legal fees. You also need an account to represent the amount of money owed to the clients for law suit payouts collected by the attorneys and payable to the clients. You can also track the different types of income that a law firm makes by inputting the income account categories that you would like to see in the top part of the attorney’s profit and loss.
This video class will also show how to navigate the QuickBooks online interface so a lawyer keeping records can have anything they may need with a fast click.
You can purchase and own the entire set of QuickBooks Online for Attorneys videos and get free, unlimited email questions for the course material as an owner and student of the course. The link to purchase is right here at this page:

This QuickBooks Online for attorneys YouTube playlist is a video series created to help lawyers keep books and records of a Law Firm. Law firms, compared to other businesses, have strict requirements coming from their State Bar Association that outline the bookkeeping methods and techniques that firms must execute to keep proper books and records of law firms and their clients’ records. The unique and special needs that attorneys in a law firm need to follow will require attorney-based steps and procedures when using QuickBooks.

This video playlist will give the bookkeepers of a law firm every possible thing they need to know in QuickBooks Online for the topics that are unique and require special attention from the accountants of law firms and self-employed attorneys. Every topic in QuickBooks that a lawyer could possibly need will be in this playlist. All of your client’s records will be confidential in QuickBooks as required and all client costs will be allocated correctly and accurately. All financial reports of the law firm will be perfectly correct for every area of QuickBooks online. Just follow the steps demonstrated in each of the QuickBooks Online videos in this revolutionary new successful playlist right here on YouTube. It’s absolutely free!!

I’m right here for you if you have any questions or need support. You can leave your questions in the comment section and I will do my best for you. I hope you learn well and enjoy the course!

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