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In this weeks episode, we ask startup attorney, Jonathan Hood, Esq, how much does a business lawyer really cost. A few factors come into play such as what you incorporate your business as, how many founders you have, how much money you are raising, what kind of intellectual property you’re looking to protect and more.

It also depends on how much experience the attorney has, what network he brings to the table, and whether the business lawyer is part of a large firm or a small firm. All of these factors help determine how much a startup lawyer costs when you need to get legal done.

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A lawyer can range from very cheap to exorbitantly expensive. If you are just starting out in your company, you are probably not going to want to hire a lawyer from a bigger firm because they tend to bill by the hour and in places like New York and other big cities, it’s usually a pretty high hourly rate. A lot of lawyers bill either a lower hourly rate or a project rate, which means they’ll give you the upfront cost of the project so that will basically be it, unless something unforeseen comes up. A large part of it depends on the experience of the lawyer, where they’re located, what area they’re practicing in—a patent lawyer is going to be more expensive than a general practitioner. You want to find someone who is not necessarily rock-bottom cheap, but knows what they’re doing and they charge at a reasonable rate.


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