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We are Toronto Ontario Area Internet Related Crime Lawyers and Cyber-Crime Defense Lawyers. Criminal Lawyers working in court rooms across Ontario.

Cyber crime is an area of growing legal complexity. Our team of cyber crime lawyers have vast experience of the law in this area and defending those accused of cyber crime, as well as those affected by it.

In many cyber crime cases, there is a grey area between freedom of expression and abusive communications. In others, most notably hacking cases, there are legitimate differences in opinion as to what constitutes unlawful activity. The technical nature of some of these offences may mean that private individuals and companies may be unwittingly caught up in an investigation without realizing that their actions have given rise to potential criminal liability.

Our dedicated team has the technical, legal and tactical experience to advise you at every stage of your case. Whether you are facing a criminal investigation or prosecution or have found yourself the target of such activity and need to take control of the situation, we can help.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime is deemed to be any kind of criminal activity that can be committed through the use of a computer. As a result, there are lots of different kinds of cyber crime, including fraud, hacking, harassment, espionage and sexual offences.

Types of Cyber Crimes.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada it is illegal to be in possession of any material – photographs, films and particularly computer data on a hard drive –that is of an extreme pornographic nature. Individuals are also increasingly being targeted by criminal law agencies for accessing child abuse images online. Offences include: making, distributing, showing or advertising any indecent photo of a child under the Canadian Criminal Law; possessing an indecent photo of a child under the Criminal Justice Act 1988; and, possessing a prohibited image, such as drawings or cartoons, of a child under the the Ontario Justice Act 2005.

While it may not be considered to be part of traditional computer crime, the possession of extreme pornographic imagery or indecent images is very much a major feature of anti-cyber crime legislation and is taken very seriously by regulatory authorities and the police. If you have been, or believe you may be, investigated by the police in relation to accessing illegal images online it is vital you get legal advice as soon as possible.

Altering, damaging, deleting, destroying or using data, a computer, a computer system, or computer network to execute a fraudulent scheme or to control the property of another for financial gain, the taking of property or the taking of data.

Taking, copying or using data that isn’t yours.

Using computer services that aren’t yours.

Adding, altering, damaging, deleting, or destroying data, computer software, or computer programs.

Disruption of denial of computer services.

Provision of a way to access a computer network or system.

Unauthorized accession of a computer, computer system or computer network.

Introduction of a contaminant to a computer, system, or network (introduction of a computer virus).

Use of the Internet domain name of another to send emails that damage a computer, system or network.

While computers are now an essential part of our lives, both in our private lives and at work, they also leave us open to computer crimes, both as a victim and a perpetrator.

With the various tasks that can be performed via the Internet and the overwhelming amount of information available online, any one of us could accidentally commit a computer crime and be totally unaware that we have done something illegal.

Representing a broad category of crimes, computer crimes (cyber crimes) range from identity theft and hacking to stalking and child pornography violations.

Whether you are facing a police interview, have been charged with an offence or simply require a no-obligation conversation with an experienced Ontario Criminal Lawyer about your options, please contact a member of the cyber crime team to see how we can help.

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