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12 Questions To Ask A Lawyer (2021)

The reality is at some point you may need to hire a lawyer. In my case, of course, I had to hire a number of criminal defense attorneys due to my criminal investigation and ultimate conviction.

I had no idea how to hire a defense attorney. I also had no idea how to hold a lawyer accountable. I do not if I should pay an hourly or inclusive rate. I did not check references and I had no idea if their reviews were authentic.

I had no idea how often I should communicate with them, and at times when I spoke to them, I felt like I was bothering them.

Since 2008, White Collar Advice has guided thousands of defendants. We have also spoken with hundreds of civil and criminal defendants who regretted how they vetted and hired a civil or criminal defense attorney.

Some hired lawyers they could not afford. Others felt the lawyers lacked interest or innovation. Others had no idea what to think and were afraid to speak up.

Learn from them and me!

If you ever have to hire a lawyer, whether civil or criminal, this video will really help you. You will get a better understanding of the questions you have to ask. In sum, you will be able to move forward from an informed and principled position.

I needed this video when I was a criminal defendant.

I hope you find value in it.

Justin Paperny

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